Expert team of engineers in Germany

Our technical experts introduce themselves. Let our expert team of engineers and specialists in Munich and convincing environment. In addition, we have an extensive network of experts. If necessary, we are so to answer even the most complex and very deep issues in the situation.

Mr. Brunner
Technical creative thinkers, problem solvers, lateral thinker, CEO

Mr. Hirschler
Project Manager, Qualit Assurance, Asia-procurement, Lean Manufacturing, Siemens VDO Production System, Toyota Production System

Mr. Thiel
Mechatronics, automation technology, embedded software and hardware, real-time systems / RTOS, industrial visualizations

Mr. Blexmann
Programming in Java and C #.

Mr. Witzl
Schematic development, microcontroller programming, drive technology, sensor technology

Mr. Torrents
Product development, innovation management (market side), value Analysis

Mr. Mehta
FEM specialist (Abaqus, LS-DYNA, etc.), technical analysis, simulation

Mr. Kessler
Design, FEM analysis, innovation management (technique side)

Mr. Gomez
Value Analysis

Mr. Wunner
Construction especially for start-up companies

Mr. Helmich
Drones mechanics and electrics, QA, QM, optimizations

Mrs. Henry
Mediation, mediation in difficult conversations (eg between technology and Distribution)